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What is Afranga?

Afranga is a marketplace for investing in loans. It connects investors with borrowers of partner loan originating companies. Through Afranga everyone can invest in consumer credit, an asset class previously reserved only for banks and institutional investors.

How does Afranga work?

Partner loan originating companies list on the market loans which they have issued to borrowers. Investors can quickly and easily invest into the thousands of available loans, thus creating a diversified investment portfolio. You can also make your money work for you by using our auto invest feature.

Who can invest?

Any individual investor who is at least 18 years old, has a citizenship in an EU/EEA country, a bank account in a EU/EEA country, and resides in a country that is considered to have an equivalent AML/CFT system to those of the European Union. In order to be able to add funds to your account, you must pass our verification process.

Can companies invest?

At the moment it is not possible for legal entities to register and invest on Afranga. We are working on this feature and will implement it very soon.

How to create an account?

You can register an account by following this link: Register

What fees are applicable?

Afranga won’t charge you any fee for using its services. There is no fee for registering an account, depositing money or withdrawing money.

What is the minimum amount that can be invested?

The minimum amount that can be invested in a single loan is 10 EUR.

How is my income taxed?

You will be taxed in accordance with the legislation of the country in which you are a tax resident. Afranga will not deduct any taxes from your income. For more information on the tax related to income earned from investing on Afranga, please consult with your local tax authority.

How much time is needed to manage my investments?

Afranga provides you with the flexibility to quickly and easily create a diversified portfolio by using our advanced filtering options. With our invest in all loans feature you can invest in thousands of loans that meet your criteria with a single click. You can also use our auto invest feature and your money will be automatically invested into loans that match your criteria.

Alternatively, you can adopt a more active approach to investing where you select each loan you wish to invest in individually. The amount of time it takes you will depend on your investment style.

What happens if Afranga ends its business activity?

In the unlikely event that Afranga ends its business activity, investors will have access to their full information regarding the transactions which they have executed on the platform. An appointed liquidator or administrator will be responsible for managing the investment repayments.

How to invest?

In order to invest on Afranga marketplace you need to add funds to your account first. You can learn more about adding funds to your account in the Deposit/Withdrawal help section. Once you’ve added funds to your account all you need to do is:

- Go to the Invest page and use our advanced filtering options or browse the entire loan book.

- Invest in all listed loans by clicking Invest in all or invest in each loan individually. You can choose the loan amount you invest in each particular loan at your will.

How do I make money from my investments?

Once you’ve invested in a particular loan, you now have the right to receive part of the payments made to this loan. The borrower of the loan makes payments according to the loan payment schedule which consist of principal, interest and late interest or a combination of the above. When the borrower makes a payment to the loan you will receive part of this payment equal to your investment share in the loan. The repaid amount will be available in your Afranga account immediately after receiving the payment. If you’ve invested in multiple loans, you will receive multiple payments according to the payment schedule of each loan.

For example, if you invest 20 EUR in a loan with a remaining principal of 160 EUR, you will own 12.5% of this loan and you will have claim rights on 12.5% of all future loan payments. Every time the borrower makes a payment you will receive 12.5% of it in your account.

What is the forecasted return?

The interest rate offered to investors will vary based on the particular loan’s risk, market and other conditions. Investors can expect to earn up to 18% per annum on their investment.

How is the interest rate calculated?

The interest rate offered to investors for a particular loan is quoted on an annual basis. The interest is calculated on a daily basis based on the amount you’ve invested in loans. The interest is calculated based on the following formula:

Interest rate / 360 x Invested amount x No. days.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Yes, the minimum investment amount is 10 EUR for a single loan.

Can I cancel my investment?

No. Once you have invested into a loan and confirmed your decision, you will not be able to cancel the investment.

How long is the invested money locked-in?

This will depend on the term of the loan in which you have invested. You will receive your investment back in accordance with the repayment schedule of every individual loan in which you have invested.

What is a buyback guarantee and how does it work?

All loans listed on Afranga are protected by a buyback guarantee. The buyback guarantee provides extra security for your investments. What this means is that if a particular loan in which you’ve invested becomes delayed by more than 60 days, the loan originating company will repurchase the loan from you. You will receive back your initial investment plus any accrued interest.

How can I exit my investment?

Investors should be prepared to hold the investment until the maturity of the respective loan. Investors receive regular payments of principal and interest according to the payment schedule of every loan which reduce the total outstanding investment over time and will increase the size.

At the moment Afranga does not have a secondary market where you can sell your investment to another investor. However, we are working hard on introducing this feature very soon.

Afranga will consider purchasing all or part of your portfolio at a mutually agreed price. If you wish to sell your portfolio, please express your willingness by sending an email to

How can I see the income earned from my investments?

You can see a summary of your total income in page Account Summary in your account. Alternatively, you can explore your account movements in more detail from you Account Statement page.

How safe are the investments?

It is Afranga’s top priority to design a marketplace which is as safe as possible. However, as with any investments there are some risks involved. Investors need to make an informed decision carefully weighing in all available facts and information. Afranga has taken a number of measures to mitigate the risks for the investors as much as possible:

- All loans are guaranteed by a buyback guarantee issued by the lending company. If payment on a loan you’ve invested in is delayed by more than 60 days, the lending company will repurchase the loan from you. You will receive back your initial investment plus any accrued interest.

- All loans are originated from the loan originator's own funds and the loan originator must keep a certain percentage of the loan on its books. This aligns the loan originator’s and investors’ interests. This is also known as “skin in the game”.

Can I know who the borrower is?

We are required to protect the borrowers’ personal data and we cannot reveal it to the public. However, apart from the full loan information, investors are able to see certain borrower specific information disclosed on the platform.

For what purpose are the loans issued to the borrowers?

The loan purpose is shown on the platform and it is specific to the particular loan.

What happens if the borrower misses a payment?

In the event that a borrower does not make a payment in accordance with the payment schedule of the respective loan, the loan originator will contact the borrower to remind them about the late payment. If there is no payment after the first contact the loan originator will contact the borrower again to try and work with the borrower on restructuring the loan. In the event that the borrower fails to cooperate the loan originator will initiate a loan recovery procedure.

How often will I receive repayments?

You will receive loan payments in accordance with the loan payment schedule.

What happens if a loan is repaid before the maturity date?

In the event that a loan is repaid before the maturity date, you will receive in full your outstanding investment plus the accrued interest and late interest, if any.

How can I withdraw money from my account?

You can withdraw funds from your account which are not invested in loans at any time. To do so simply go to page Deposit/Withdraw in your Afranga account and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. The funds will be sent to your primary bank account.

Can I change the bank account assigned to my Afranga account?

Every time you wish to add a new bank account for withdrawal, we have to verify that the account belongs to you. Afranga is required to do this as part of the anti-money laundering policy and for investors' own security. If you wish to add a new bank account for withdrawal to your Afranga profile, you need to send 1 EUR from the bank account to your Afranga account. The new bank account will be added to your profile and you will be able to select it from your profile when you request a withdrawal.

What amount can I withdraw?

You can withdraw all your uninvested funds at any time.

Will I be charged for a withdrawal?

Afranga does not charge you any fee for withdrawal. However, you may be charged fees for the incoming transfer from your bank. Please consult to your bank for further information.

How long does it take to receive the money in my bank account?

Afranga will process your withdrawal request within one business day. Transfers within the European Union typically take 1 business day. Transfers outside of the European Union are likely to take more time and depend on your jurisdiction. You should consult with your local bank on the estimated transfer time.

How to add funds to my account?

You can add funds to your Afranga account by making a payment to the following bank account:

Beneficiary Stik Credit JSC
IBAN BG44IABG74751401527801
Reg. No. 202557159
Bank International Asset Bank
Registered address 13 B Oborishte Sq., 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria
Bank address 81-83 Todor Aleksandrov Blvd., Sofia, 1303, Bulgaria
Payment reason Investor No. /Insert your investor account No./
How long does it take to see the funds in my investor account?

Your funds will be added to your Afranga account within 1 day of receiving them. Transfers within the European Union will typically take 1 business day to reach Afranga’s bank account. Transfers outside of the European Union might take more than 1 business day and depend on your jurisdiction. You should consult with your local bank on the estimated time.

What currencies are supported?

At the moment Afranga supports investments in Euro only. When adding funds to your Afranga account please transfer money denominated only in EUR. If you transfer any other currency it will automatically be converted into EUR and your account will be credited with the EUR amount after conversion. All conversion fees will be at your cost.

Where are investors' funds kept?

Investors’ funds are kept in a segregated bank account separate from Afranga’s assets.

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